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Concrete Technology

When you partner with Delta Performance, you can be sure your products will deliver lasting quality and value. For over 25 years our focus has been perfecting proprietary processes and innovative products to enhance the beauty and performance of cementitious materials and specialty coatings.

Delta offers solutions proven to be pure and durable, developed in our fully equipped lab by color specialists dedicated to holding the highest industry standards of 1.0 Delta E*(dE) or better.

  • CSA Casting Mix

    CSA Casting Mix

    CSA Casting Mix is a calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) proprietary blend, perfected in the Delta Lab. It sets and dries quickly, compensates for shrinkage, and gets stronger faster. However, CSA Casting Mix is white in color, making it a great choice for...

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  • Defender™ Admixture

    Defender™ Admixture

    Defender™ is a high-performance admixture suitable for plaster, quartz, and pebble pool finishes. It’s formulated with pozzolans, polymers, and a unique hydrophobic additive that actively repels water molecules, ensuring that your plaster...

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  • Vitro Minerals VCAS

    Vitro Minerals VCAS

    Introducing VCAS™ Pozzolan, made from vitrified calcium aluminio-silicate by Vitro Minerals and distributed by Delta Performance. VCAS pozzolans are available in three grades— VCAS 8, VCAS 140 and VCAS 160—for cement, mortar, concrete,...

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